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Keyboard Tray

The Perfect Keyboard Tray

Adjustable height keyboard tray lets you type with the healthiest wrist position.

  • Type with your wrists drooping down naturally
  • Raise keyboards for proper arm position
  • Works with all common keyboards

WorkEZ Keyboard Tray

  • 18” wide panel holds most keyboards included mouse pad attaches to panel

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KT1 - Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray


  • Raise, Tilt, Swivel & Slide Keyboards right where you want them!

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KT2 - Adjustable Standing Desk Keyboard Tray


  • Adjustable height keyboard tray - perfect for sitting & standing!

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Simple, Affordable Ergonomic Keyboard Trays & Drawers

Looking for the best ergonomic keyboard drawer?
The ergonomic keyboard tray keeps your workspace un-cluttered, wrists comfortable, and posture straight. Simple, yet highly functional, this product will make your time working on the computer relaxed and organized.
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Learn More About Using WorkEZ Keyboard Tray As An Above-Desk Computer Keyboard Holder:

Perhaps second only to repetitive mouse use, typing on a keyboard is one of the main causes of repetitive strain injuries related to computer use. Hence, it’s important to pay attention to your wrist and forearm posture while typing. WorkEZ is perhaps the best ergonomic keyboard tray. The panel is adjustable to any angle, which lets your wrist droop down naturally. Research has shown that typing with a negative wrist angle (i.e. when your wrist is drooping down naturally) is significantly better than typing with a positive wrist angle (when your wrist is cocked up). As an ergonomic keyboard tray, WorkEZ is also adjustable in height. With WorkEZ, you can elevate keyboards to the most comfortable height for you – making it a great standing desk keyboard tray.

As a Standing Desk Keyboard Tray, WorkEZ adjusts in height ensuring that the keyboard is always at the proper height for typing while you’re standing. When used as a Standing desk keyboard tray, WorkEZ lets you type in the most ergonomically-correct and healthy position – with your wrist drooping down naturally. To make standing even more comfortable, use the WorkEZ Mouse Pad which attaches to the leg of the WorkEZ Stand

As an ergonomic keyboard tray, WorkEZ accommodates all common-sized keyboards. The fixed lip on both WorkEZ Professional and WorkEZ Executive is ideal for wider keyboards while the lightweight nature and simplicity of WorkEZ Light is great for smaller keyboards. Depending on the size of your keyboard, one of these models will be the best ergonomic keyboard tray for standing.

All three WorkEZ Models work great as an ergonomic keyboard tray. The aluminum panel is lightweight and durable – perfectly stable for typing. Their versatility in panel width, height, and versatility make them perhaps the best ergonomic keyboard tray on the market.